Artificial intelligence may enhance radiology interpretation

A major focus in medical research is how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) as a safety net to the interpretation of diagnostic radiology scans by radiologists.

Radiologists are doctors with specialized training after medical school focused on how to interpret a variety of diagnostic radiological studies including x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and angiograms. Neuroradiologists have additional training focused on interpreting images of the brain and nervous system.

The most frequent allegation in medical malpractice claims against radiologists and neuroradiologists is that the interpretation was botched. At the top of the list are missed cancers or malignancies. Radiologists can also fail to notice and communicate other life-threatening findings.

In my experience as a medical malpractice attorney, one of the challenges for radiologists is that they received limited clinical information from the doctor who is ordering the test.

It would be very uncommon for a radiologist to actually physically see a patient. Instead, radiologists are isolated in a different area of the hospital or, increasingly these days, may review the scan images remotely from an off-site office or even from their home.

I’m a strong believer that the more information that the ordering provider gives the radiologist about why the scan was ordered in the first place, the more likely that the radiologist will do a good job in interpreting the scan. The truth is, there’s a lot to look at in any scan. That’s why relevant clinical information can help clue in the radiologist’s attention to the key parts of the scan.

The application of AI to radiology scan interpretation is exciting to me. While computers and AI are more rigid and less creative and intuitive than human radiologists, sophisticated deep learning algorithms applied by AI are consistent and can complement radiologists.

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Robert Painter

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