Have you been injured by medical malpractice at Altus Baytown Hospital?

While our office is located in Houston, Painter Law Firm’s medical malpractice lawyers represent clients who have potential cases against hospitals all over Harris County. This includes hospitals in Baytown, like Altus Baytown Hospital.

The types of cases we handle include surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, infections, sepsis, birth injuries, falls, stroke, nerve damage, birth injury, childbirth complications, brain damage, diagnosis mistakes, medical device failures, medication and drug errors, wrongful death, and many others.

Altus Baytown Hospital supports a variety of surgical and lab services, physical therapy, primary care, radiation oncology, primary care and sleep studies, as well as 10 private inpatient rooms, four operating rooms and one treatment room. It has a team of Post-Surgical Unit (PSU) nursing staff to care for patients after surgery. Services at the hospital include Altus Lap Band; Altus Orthopedic and Spine Center; Altus Pain Center; ear, nose and throat surgery; eye surgery; gastroenterology; general surgery; gynecologic surgery; lab services; neurosurgery; physical therapy; plastic surgery; podiatry; primary care; and urology.

The hospital is located at 1626 W. Baker Road, Baytown, Texas 77521 and is owned by Oprex Surgery Baytown LP of Baytown, TX.

Altus Baytown Hospital is located in Harris County, TX. Harris County has 24 civil district court judges, whose courts have unlimited monetary jurisdiction for cases. In addition, Harris County has four civil courts at law, which have a lower monetary jurisdiction for disputes.

If you or someone you care for has been injured, or worse, by surgeons, doctors, or nurses at Altus Baytown Hospital, call 281-580-8800 for a free consultation with the experienced Texas medical malpractice lawyers at Painter Law Firm.

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Robert Painter

Robert Painter is an award-winning medical malpractice attorney at Painter Law Firm Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Houston, Texas. He is a former hospital administrator who represents patients and family members in medical negligence and wrongful death lawsuits all over Texas. Contact him for a free consultation and strategy session by calling 281-580-8800 or emailing him right now.