Memorial Hermann sues uninsured patients for medical bills

Several years ago, Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter uncovered Memorial Hermann Health System's habit of suing uninsured patients. He discovered it after an attorney for the hospital commented that every dollar that the hospital spent on settling medical negligence cases took away from its charitable care.

While Memorial Hermann undoubtedly provides charitable care, this nonprofit health system also has several top employees who are paid over $1 million per year, posh facilities and an ongoing and hard-to-understand pattern of suing many uninsured patients.

Even worse, though, is the fact that Memorial Hermann unconscionably sues uninsured patients for the full "list price" charges for services. These are charges that no insurance company, or Medicare or Medicaid, would ever even think of paying.

Painter Law Firm has handled a number of these cases, defending uninsured patients from Memorial Hermann's predatory lawsuits.

Dianna Wray, a writer with The Houston Press, has done some excellent reporting about some of these cases. Read her latest article here:

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Robert Painter

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