United Memorial Medical Center and Houston medical malpractice

United Memorial Medical Center is the latest hospital operating out of the building located at 510 West Tidwell Road, in Houston, Texas 77091. This hospital is owned by Doctors Hospital 1997, L.P., which was organized in 1997.

Hospitals with other names who’ve operated out of this facility include Doctors Hospital and Doctors Hospital Tidwell. Additional assumed names used by the owner, Doctors Hospital 1997, L.P., include United General Hospital, United Memorial Medical Center – North Hospital, United Memorial Medical Center – Spring Hospital, and United Memorial Medical Center – Sugarland Hospital.

United Memorial Medical Center is a short-term acute care neighborhood hospital with 85 beds. Despite its small size, the hospital boasts having these departments:

• Spine surgery, bariatric surgery, general surgery, ear nose and throat (ENT), plastic surgery, robotic surgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology/eye surgery, vascular surgery

• Heart center, EEG/EKG/EMG lab, cardiac catheterization lab

• Orthopedics

• Pain management

• Gastroenterology, GI/endoscopy lab

• Podiatry

• Imaging and CT, ultrasounds, and MRI scans

• Laboratory

• Breast center

• Emergency medicine, including ER with Trauma IV designation

• Headache center

• Interventional oncology

• Medical nutrition therapy, neurostar therapy,

• Sinus center

• Sleep center

• Sports medicine

• Urodynamics

• Uterine fibroid embolization

• Rehabilitation program, drug addiction treatment and detox (cocaine, alcohol, opiate, medical, opioid, rapid drug, heroin,

• Inpatient rehab

• Nephrology, dialysis

• Intensive care unit (ICU)

• Infectious diseases

• Respiratory care

• Internal medicine

• Pulmonary function lab

The hospital analysis group Leap Frog assesses and compares hospitals on factors including inpatient care management, medication safety, infections, high-risk surgery, cancer surgery, maternity care, and pediatric care. According to Leap Frog, United Memorial Medical Center “chose not to respond to the Survey and is withholding critical safety and quality information from its patients. Consumers can contact the hospital directly to encourage participation.”

If you’ve been seriously injured because of poor hospital, physician, or nursing care at United Memorial Medical Center, then contact a skilled, top-rated Houston, Texas medical malpractice lawyer for help in evaluating your potential case.

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