What legal documents should I have in place before going to the hospital or having a surgery?

The best time to plan for hospitalization or surgery is now. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had frantic folks call Painter Law Firm because their loved one is unconscious, of incompetent mind, or about to pass away . It’s a sad situation, but there’s nothing we can do if the patient is unconscious or incompetent.

Here are some points that I will help you plan ahead and make things easier for both you and your loved ones:

• Consider adding your spouse or significant other to all bank account and safety deposit boxes. It’s a good idea to give this person a list of accounts, usernames, and passwords.

• Have a will in place and check to make sure that it reflects your current wishes.

• Have a durable power of attorney in place, which allows an agent of your choosing to make financial decisions on your behalf. This is very important if you’re incapacitated. Your agent may need access to your funds, for example, to pay your regular bills or even take care of your health care needs.

• Have a medical power of attorney in place, which allows an agent of your choosing to make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

• It’s best to have all of these documents in place. A power of attorney will do no good once a person is deceased. Similarly, a will is of no use all the person is alive. Unfortunately, many people have learned this the hard way at a time that’s already extremely sad and stressful.

If you need help with any of these documents, Painter Law Firm is here to help.

Robert Painter
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Robert Painter

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