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That’s the amount of the check for a referral fee I just signed before writing this message about medical malpractice referrals.

That’s the amount for a referral fee in a case that had been turned down by five firms who were scared to tackle an emergency room case because of the willful and wanton negligence standard.

That’s the amount for a referral fee in a case that I got policy limits from the ER practice group and millions more from the hospital.

My name is Robert Painter, I'm the founder of Painter Law Firm. I focus on medical malpractice cases and have the know-how to quickly determine whether we can make a case work or not. I know the law, the defense lawyers, the defense carriers, the mediators, and the courtroom. I achieve top results on fast timelines and always honor referral fees.

I respect referral attorneys and am always happy to have a one-on-one conversation about a potential case or to make my legal nurse or paralegal available to you. You’re welcome to contact me directly any time.

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