Medical Malpractice


Texas Mesenteric Ischemia Malpractice: When Negligence Has a Price

Legal recourse for mesenteric ischemia malpractice victims in Texas.

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Texas Stroke Medical Malpractice: When to Call a Lawyer

Stroke victims face legal challenges due to Texas tort reform.

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Two Frequent Types of Heart Medical Negligence that Lawyers Encounter

The lethal consequences of misdiagnosing heart attacks and how to avoid them.

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Unveiling White Rock Hospital's 1-Star Medicare Rating

Uncovering the hidden challenges faced by patients at White Rock Hospital.

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Sickle Cell Crisis: Neglected Symptoms Cost African American Man's Life

Sickle cell disease is a serious illness that mainly affects people of African descent. It’s also commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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Unveiling the devastating impact of chorioamnionitis on newborns

The dangerous effects of maternal infection and delayed treatment on babies' health and well-being are striking.

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A Nightmare Unleashed: The Shocking Reality of Medical Identity Mix-ups

Unveiling the terrifying consequences of patient misidentification and what you can do about it.

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Dr. Death Aftermath: Texas Prioritizes Patient Transparency

Exploring the disparity in medical care transparency and its impact on patient safety amidst concealed physician incompetence and secretive hospital investigations.

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Is gastric leak negligence a significant concern in post-operative care?

Bariatric surgery complications and negligence, specifically gastric leaks, can result in severe injuries and permanent damage, highlighting the importance of thorough post-operative care and the need for legal recourse.

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Patient safety in America is in bad shape

A 2017 study found that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death, accounting for some 250,000 avoidable deaths each year.

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