Medical Malpractice


Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center receives 2 out of 5 star overall rating from Medicare

Painter Law Firm's medical malpractice attorneys have handled many lawsuits involving care at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

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Learn which high blood pressure medications raise pancreatic cancer risk by 66% in women

Baylor College of Medicine study highlights risk of short-acting calcium channel blockers

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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center—Plano (formerly known as Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano) medical malpractice attorney/lawyer

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services penalized this hospital for 2016-2018

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Anchoring bias can affect emergency room diagnosis and treatment

Incorrect information provided by ambulance crews and prior providers can have an undue influence on physician and nurse decision-making

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The sad story of British baby Alfie Evans could happen in Texas under current law

Texas has the worst law in the America when it comes to protecting patients from hospitals and doctors who want to end care

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Why you should repeat your story every time you see the doctor

When physicians focus on you as an individual person and patient, you will more likely get proper care

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Three types of neonatal meningitis medical malpractice

Newborn babies have the highest risk of developing meningitis of all age groups

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Sepsis and medical malpractice

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of sepsis are keys to recovery

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Patients are endangered when clinical and ER doctors do not communicate with radiologists

Many doctors order x-ray, CT, or MRI scans without providing much patient information to radiologists and then do not review the images themselves

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Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center & Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital medical malpractice attorney/lawyer

In December 2017, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cited Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center with one violation

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