Medical Malpractice


1 question to ask before your CT or MRI scan

Learn what scans have potentially immediate risks

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Why does Texas rank at the bottom of medical and health care?

In survey after survey, the normally competitive Lone Star State comes up short

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Professional tennis player, former Olympian dies of sepsis

Jury gives wife $3 million verdict in medical malpractice case

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6 questions a health lawyer asks before surgery

An insider's guide to minimizing the risk of medical malpractice

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$17.5 million to plaintiffs in femoral nerve malpractice case

Surgeon allegedly damaged femoral nerve during surgery to remove hernia mesh

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Plastic surgery complication kills country music singer’s wife

Hank Williams, Jr.'s wife died from a pneumothorax caused caused by surgery

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Man falls off operating room table at Methodist The Woodlands

Medical malpractice lawsuit claims patient developed concussion, traumatic brain injury

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$4 million for pregnant mom who died after C-Section

Preeclampsia is a potentially life-threatening condition of pregnancy

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Man ends up with anoxic brain injury after facet injections to relief lumbar back pain

Lawsuit alleges excessive anesthesia was used with inadequate monitoring

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Lawsuit: High-fall-risk patient at The Medical Resort at Willowbrook falls 5 times

Woman experienced broken bones and head trauma

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