Medical Malpractice


The importance of diet in bariatric surgery success stories

Some bariatric surgeons provide inadequate dietary counseling and support, setting up their patients for failure

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Medical malpractice lawsuits that you cannot file under Texas law

Hire an experienced Texas medical malpractice lawyer to evaluate your potential case

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Study: Few medical students & new doctors are competent in basic clinical skills, like measuring blood pressure

Medical students, residents, and fellows often have inadequate supervision by fully-trained attending physicians

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What to do when the doctor wants to discharge you from the hospital too quickly

Patients are increasingly being discharged with the same symptoms that brought them into the hospital

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A simple rule for when to ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist

"Rule of three" recommends consulting a specialist if there is no firm diagnosis after three doctor visits

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Sinusitis and the danger triangle of the face

Perilous reasons why you should not ignore a lingering sinus infection

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What you should know about board certification of doctors

There is more to board certification that means the eye

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Melanoma cancer diagnosis, treatment, and malpractice

With melanoma, the sooner the diagnosis, the better the likely outcome

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Memorial Hermann Hospital System medical malpractice lawyer/attorney

Painter Law Firm has filed numerous medical negligence lawsuits against Memorial Hermann facilities on behalf of our clients

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Nurses have significant independent duties, in addition to just following orders

Nurses can have a major role in patient safety by medical error recovery

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