Medical Malpractice


Strokes in children and young adults are frequently misdiagnosed

Stroke treatment must start quickly to prevent permanent injuries

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Three ways to research a Texas doctor or hospital's quality of care

Federal and Texas laws hide most information from the public, but there are still some tools that you can use

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When to get a second opinion after surgical complications or problems

There is a limited amount of time to repair some nerve injuries

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How to find prenatal care that keeps your baby safe

Early and consistent quality prenatal care is important for the safety of the baby and mother

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Gastroparesis: What causes stomach paralysis and how to treat it

When a surgeon damages or cuts the vagus nerve during bariatric or abdominal surgery, it can cause gastroparesis, paralyzing the stomach

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Why it is hard to hire a good medical malpractice attorney in Texas

When hiring a Texas medical malpractice lawyer, look for someone with experience in tackling tort reform laws

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Timing is important for bariatric surgery

Experts recommend weight loss surgery before reaching BMI of 40, but our lawsuit experience highlights common complications

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Alleged pediatric dental malpractice lands Houston dentist in police custody

Civil lawsuit alleges that parts of dental treatment took place behind a locked door, with parents in a waiting room

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The draconian Texas statute of limitations for minors' medical malpractice claims

After the Texas tort reform laws of 2003, minors' medical malpractice claims are barred if they wait until age 18 or 20 to file

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Surprising new treatment options for Type 2 diabetes

Painter Law Firm's experienced medical malpractice lawyers know how to handle cases where the patient had Type 2 diabetes

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