Medical Malpractice


A ruptured or perforated esophagus needs fast medical attention

Standard treatment can include surgery or medications, but in a lawsuit that I filed the doctors did neither, and the patient died

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How to assess your risk of potentially deadly blood clots and DVTs during surgery

Deep vein thrombosis during surgery can lead to deadly pulmonary embolism

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When you add breathing problems to a sore throat, it is time to get medical help

Epiglottitis can cause a life-threatening obstructed airway

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Bedsores can develop a lot faster than you think, but can usually be prevented with proper doctor and nursing care

Bedsores, pressure sores or wounds, and decubitus ulcers—whatever you call them, they are a serious medical issue

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How medical malpractice lawsuit settlements work when children are involved

An experienced medical malpractice lawsuit can guide you through the extra steps in resolving a case where there are minor plaintiffs

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Two tips to make the transfer from a hospital to a nursing or rehabilitation facility safer

When patients are discharged from a hospital to a nursing or rehab facility, it is a notorious time for things to fall through the cracks

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Botched spinal surgery or injection can cause painful, disabling arachnoiditis

Arachnoiditis sufferers often have no feeling from the waist down, and lose bowel and bladder control

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How to get your medical records, how much you can be charged, and why you need them

Federal and Texas laws give you important rights to have access to your medical records

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Some surgeons work in two operating rooms at the same time

It is risky for patients when a surgeon tries to participate in two surgeries in two operating rooms at once

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Fetal heart rate monitoring helps prevent birth injuries

OB/GYN doctors and labor and delivery nurses must act fast when the fetal heart rate monitor shows that the baby is not getting enough oxygen

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