Medical Malpractice


Look for these signs of an infected surgical incision

Even though infections should be treated as soon as possible, some surgeons are not interested in follow-up care after surgery

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Texas hospitals can stop treating and feeding patients even when patients and families disagree

Texas Advance Directives Act gives hospital committees complete immunity for deliberately stopping health care and allowing patients to die

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Two documents you need now to plan ahead for end-of-life health care

Advance directive and medical power of attorney documents help guide health care decisions and protect against hospital committees

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Suddenly-appearing floaters or flashes of light may be a warning sign of a medical emergency

Retinal detachment requires emergency treatment by an ophthalmologist, or can result in permanent vision loss

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Experienced Houston, Texas birth injury medical malpractice lawyer, Robert Painter, Painter Law Firm

Birth injury and cerebral palsy cases are complex and hard-fought, and call for an experienced, aggressive medical malpractice attorney

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When doctors and nurses settle on the wrong diagnosis, it is hard to get their attention

Houston-area ER focuses on broken leg, misses broken back, despite patient's complaints that he could not move arms normally

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Lawsuit: Memorial Hermann Southwest Medical Center surgeons botch treatment of complication (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

One week delay in fixing hole in small intestine leads to a year and a half of internal infections, MRSA, and an open abdominal wound

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Lawsuit: Mainland Medical Center nurses' poor care causes man to develop bedsores days after a knee surgery (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

It took 100+ days of hospital, nursing home, and rehabilitation center inpatient care and a year and a half for the bedsores to heal and close

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Lawsuit: Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital doctors misdiagnose imminent stroke (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

38-year-old man goes to an ER three days in a row, has massive stroke shortly after discharge on third day

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Without operating room precautions, surgery can leave you with a new nerve injury

Poor preparation for anesthesia and immobility can cause nerve injuries

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