Medical Malpractice


When they get it wrong at the hospital: 2 things you can do to push back on a potentially bogus diagnosis

Patients are sometimes discharged with the same problems that brought them to the emergency room

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1 thing you should know about persistent vomiting after bariatric weight loss surgery

Neurologic injuries are a rare, but real, risk

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Chiropractic neck manipulation causes stroke, heart attack, and paralysis in woman in her 20s

Sudden high-speed force of neck manipulation can rip open cervical arteries

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Peer-reviewed study: 5-10% of patients develop neurologic injuries after bariatric surgery

Weight loss surgeries help many patients achieve a healthy lifestyle, but good follow-up care is a must

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Texan rejected by lawyers after poor ER care, we took his case and got him a $1+ million settlement

There's a misconception that Texas tort reform shuts down all ER claims

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Painter Law Firm secures $1,700,000 settlement in bariatric weight loss surgery medical malpractice claim

It took six months from hiring the firm to final settlement

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Complications that pay out up to $10 million in bariatric weight loss surgeries

Death is the number 1 bariatric complication leading to a medical malpractice claim

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Average payouts exceed $1 million for the most common complication of bariatric weight loss surgery

4 signs of complications to look for

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The 2 questions to ask before being discharged from the emergency room

Make sure you're treated as an individual rather than a number

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4 pressing things to know about emergency room care in Texas

Not all ERs are the same, and every patient should know these 4 things

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