Medical Malpractice


Denials, deflections, and cover-ups: Why some hospitals and doctors repeat the same mistakes and endanger their patients

Study: 77% of doctors will not admit to medical mistakes

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Would you trust your life and well-being to a doctor who was at the end of a 24-hour work shift?

In Summer 2017, new rules start that allow hospitals to keep doctors-in-training working for 24 hours straight

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Two Texas laws shield hospitals that “hire” incompetent, bad doctors

We sued a neurosurgeon for making our client quadriplegic—the same doctor is now spending life in prison for his conduct in Dallas-area operating rooms

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Surgeons with bad attitudes get bad results more often for their patients

When a surgeon has had lots of patient complaints, they have 14 percent more surgical complications and problems

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Three ways to improve the accuracy and safety of your medical records

2017 study: There's a big gap gap between what patients tell their doctors and nurses and what is written down in the chart

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What to do when the pain won’t go away after a dental or oral surgery

Dental and oral procedures have serious risks, and it can be dangerous to ignore ongoing pain

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Two surprising differences between hospital & strip mall emergency rooms

Our medical malpractice lawyers understand how the law is different for hospital and freestanding ERs

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Organ donation in Texas: 5 things you don't know

Will you get less medical care if you're an organ donor?

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Three tips to avoid hernia repair surgery problems

Surgeons sometimes mistake serious problems for normal pain after hernia surgery

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The different, tough rules for suing Texas public hospitals and doctors

Painter Law Firm’s experienced medical malpractice lawyers can protect your negligence claim against a government hospital under the Texas Tort Claims Act

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