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What type of follow-up care will my bariatric weight loss surgeon use? Is it safe?

Important factors for patients and their surgeons to keep in mind

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The 3 most common problems a lawyer hears from people who had bariatric weight loss surgery

Pre-operative and follow-up surgical care are critically important

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1 question to ask your surgeon before your bariatric weight loss surgery

Not all weight loss surgeries are right for every patient

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Oral cancer misdiagnosis and dental malpractice

This form of cancer is usually successfully treatable when timely diagnosed

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Obstetrician, hospitalist, other physicians fail to diagnose damaged ureter, internal urine leak after hysterectomy

Woman faced 50+ day hospitalization because of unrecognized complication

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Delay in stroke treatment can cause speech problems, aphasia

Communication difficulty can often be reversed with prompt diagnosis and care

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Failure to intervene allegations top labor and delivery medical malpractice claims

Obstetricians, registered nurses have key roles in perinatal patient safety

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Federal law bans hospital emergency rooms from dumping patients in active labor or with emergency medical conditions

After COVID, some hospitals seem to ignore EMTALA requirements

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Not listening to the patient, other shortcuts lead to stroke misdiagnosis

In the United States, strokes in 18 to 45 year olds are on the rise

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Neurosurgeons face class action lawsuit alleging unnecessary spine surgeries

Liability for unneeded surgeries can be broad

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