Medical Malpractice


A new idea to fix the Texas 'death panel' law

By eliminating immunity, doctors and hospital committee members would have to think twice before stopping care

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Instead of pointing fingers at each other, doctors and nurses need to focus on patient care and safety

Poor communication between doctors and nurses causes dangerous delays in patient care

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Video: Robert Painter speaks about the Texas futile care (death panel) law

Many Texans are surprised to learn that the Advance Directives Act of 1999 allows a hospital committee to act as a 'death panel' that can override a patient or family's treatment wishes

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Medicare: 1 in 7 patients is harmed during hospitalization

'Hospitals are dangerous places, rife with infection and opportunities for errors'

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Surgical errors can be reduced with a simple checklist

A U.S. Veterans Administration study showed that using a checklist and having simple, open communication among doctors, nurses, and the patient dramatically reduced surgical deaths.

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Texas finally takes first step in regulating 'pill mills'

Clinics dish out powerful pain medications without real physician supervision or even a physical exam

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Texas hospital-doctor conspiracy of silence exposed

In Kermit, Texas, Winkler County Memorial Hospital fired two nurses after they filed a complaint against a physician for medical negligence. Once exposed, the hospital was fined and settled the nurses' lawsuit.

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Pain management: Check your doctor’s qualifications carefully

Looking for board certification in the pain management specialization is not enough for a patient to ensure the doctor is qualified. Learn the questions you should ask your doctor.

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'Stat' means 'now': How hospitals bungle urgent CT and MRI orders

Hospitals can save lives by training their nurses to follow stat physician orders for CT and MRI scans immediately and to contact a doctor when the images are available for review

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Poor nursing communication causes needless hospital injuries and deaths

Nurse-doctor communication is such a problem that the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires all hospitals to create policies and procedures to improve nursing communication of critical lab values

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