Medical Malpractice


Houston Court of Appeals rules against hospitalist physician in Houston Methodist Hospital fall case

Hospitalists must give appropriate fall prevention orders and instructions to nurses

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Bariatric surgery, thiamine deficiency, and medical malpractice

Inadequate Vitamin B1 can cause Wernicke's encephalopathy and Korsakoff Syndrome

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Chiropractic neck manipulation and medical malpractice

Vertebral artery dissection, stroke, and death are risks of chiropractic cervical spine manipulation

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Posterior circulation stroke misdiagnosis and medical malpractice

Around 165,000 stroke diagnoses are missed each year in American emergency rooms

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Res ipsa loquitur in Texas medical malpractice cases

Plaintiffs still must comply with tort reform notice and expert report requirements

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Jury holds orthopedic surgery group accountable in compartment syndrome case

Young adult patient had surgery for broken leg, was discharged despite signs of compartment syndrome

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Texas trauma surgeons lose at trial with the "blame the patient" defense

Jury sided with plaintiff who alleged trauma surgeons didn't order antibiotics despite contaminated deep laceration from hand to shoulder

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Lubbock heart hospital loses appeal in medical malpractice expert report challenge

Hospital failed to file an objection to plaintiff's amended expert report

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Adhesions increase the risk of abdominal or pelvic surgery

Experts advise surgeons to convert from laparoscopic to open surgery when encountering severe adhesions

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Bariatric surgery malpractice can leave patients with permanent colostomy

Post-operative care is crucial to diagnose and correct surgical complications

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