Medical Malpractice


Texas Supreme Court sides with plaintiffs in important birth injury medical malpractice case

Lawsuit alleges negligence by hospital, labor and delivery nurse, and obstetrician

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Hospital laboratory errors can cause patient injuries and even death

Some hospitals are automating laboratory analysis

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Jury awards $12 million in esophageal intubation case

Surgical patient was left with a permanent brain injury requiring round-the-clock care

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Jury awards $2.75 million verdict against oral surgeon in dental/medical malpractice case

Oral surgeon was consulted for wisdom tooth extraction, damaged blood vessels during related procedure

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Post-operative infections, sepsis can trigger a stroke

Unrecognized bowel perforations during abdominal surgery can lead to deadly complications when not timely diagnosed and surgically repaired

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Texas Supreme Court defines how medical malpractice defendants must pay future health care expenses

Opinion interprets tort reform statute requirement for periodic payments over time, rather than lump sum payment, if requested by any party

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See what the El Paso Court of Appeals has to say about an OB/GYN surgeon not doing a surgery he charged for, leaving the patient in the dark

Wrongful birth cases have been frowned on by Texas courts, but the court's opinion takes a different approach

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Jury awards $8 million verdict against Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth and anesthesiologist in brain damage case

The plaintiff's medical expert argued that the hospital should have policies to prevent anesthetic medication errors

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Patient reassessment is a key physician and nursing responsibility

Establishing a baseline and looking for changes is a part of good health care

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The value of patient photos in health care

Photos can often tell a story better than words

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