Medical Malpractice


How long to Texas parents have to file a birth injury or medical malpractice claim for a child?

The confusing law tricks many people to wait until it's too late

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These are the top 10 hospital mistakes that are never supposed to happen, but still do

Patient falls top the list

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Outpatient imaging centers and the increased risk of brain injury or death

Lacking preparation for cardiac or respiratory arrest emergencies after giving CT or MRI contrast to patients

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Memory care facility asks Texas Supreme Court to declare a dog bite claim protected by medical malpractice tort reform law

After losing at the trial court and Houston court of appeals, Alzheimer's care facility takes one last bite at the tort reform apple

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The providers and risks of dental anesthesia and sedation

Very young children have the highest risks with anesthesia in dental office settings

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Study links surgeons, physicians, providers not listening to patients to diagnostic errors

Cognitive bias and communications errors are dangerous

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Laparoscopic surgery: Minimally invasive, but what about the risk?

Most injuries occur during placement of surgical equipment

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Federal law prohibits hospital emergency rooms from turning away patients

After a medical screening, patients in an emergency medical condition or active labor must be medically stabilized before being discharged or transferred

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Outpatient surgery centers are different from hospital operating rooms

Hospitals are equipped and staffed to handle complications and emergencies

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Texas Supreme Court: Facilities don't have to produce policies and procedures before medical malpractice plaintiffs serve an expert report

There's a discovery stay provision in the health care liability tort reform statute

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