Medical Malpractice


Hospital and nursing home falls can cause broken bones, head injuries, and even death

Series of falls in Houston nursing facility end with man's death

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Houston dermatologist and his so-called cosmetic surgery center lose medical malpractice appeal

Physician trained as a dermatologist performs cosmetic surgeries

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Lawsuit alleges patient discharged from HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood emergency room with spinal cord injury

Nurse documented that ER doctor was aware of continued patient weakness before sending patient home

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Texas medical malpractice tort reform restrictions apply to events that occur after a patient's death

Texas Medical Liability Act covers administrative services

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Texas court finds nurse practitioner unqualified to provide expert causation testimony involving nursing care

Texas law is clear that only physicians are qualified to render expert opinions regarding proximate cause

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Dallas wrongful death lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis of necrotizing pancreatitis

Contrast CT or MRI scans weren't ordered, but were needed

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Texas courts can consider absent or missing medical records when determining expert report sufficiency

Medical record problems are increasingly common

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Houston court of appeals upholds medical malpractice case against neonatologist

Plaintiffs claim that neonatologist caused infant's death by failing to start antibiotics and investigating cause of abnormal blood work

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Patient suffers cut esophagus during hiatal hernia surgery

Even known complications must be timely diagnosed and treated

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Triple rule out protocol: Safely evaluating chest pain, shortness of breath, and passing out

Patient safety requires ruling out three life-threatening conditions

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