Medical Malpractice


Fort Worth Court of Appeals rules that patients and families are entitled to due process in end-of-life hospital committee meetings

Texas hospital committees tend to rubber stamp anti-patient decisions pushed by administrators

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Surgical retractor moves during brain surgery, causes devastating brainstem injury

Appellate court addresses what expert reports must say when it's unclear who was responsible

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Dental malpractice lawsuit after patient swallows gold crown, it lodges in lung

Dentists should take precautions against accidental aspiration or swallowing of foreign items during dental procedures

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What happens to a Texas medical malpractice claim when a defendant's insurance company is declared insolvent?

Appellate court addresses interplay of Insurance Code and tort reform expert requirement

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Medical records, texts, and chats: The sources of physician and healthcare provider patient care documentation

Requesting any and all medical records usually isn't enough

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San Antonio lawsuit: Pulmonologist discharged post-surgical patient with unrepaired cut artery, bleed-out risk

Medical malpractice wrongful death claim filed after complication during tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy surgery

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These seven Texas hospitals received the maximum Medicare penalty for readmission rate concerns

Readmission rates provide insights on whether patients are discharged from the hospital before they're ready

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Medicare penalizes CHI St. Luke’s Health Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center over readmission rate

Well-known hospital was among the nation's worst performing hospitals for patients being readmitted soon after discharge

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The patient risks of concurrent or overlapping surgeries

Prominent surgeon sanctioned for sleeping in car during surgery

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Spinal canal stenosis and the bounds of medical malpractice

Proper management of spinal canal stenosis can prevent spinal cord injuries and disability

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