Medical Malpractice


Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) and surgical risk

American College of Cardiology issues expert guidance on when DOACs should be held before surgery

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Thunderclap headaches: What they are and why they are dangerous

Having the worst headache of your life means it's time for immediate medical attention

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Dallas appellate win: Medical malpractice plaintiffs can amend expert reports to meet tort reform requirements

Freestanding imaging center Gateway Diagnostic Imaging Mid-Cities lost interlocutory appeal over 120-day expert reports

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Why lawyers can't accept your case to sue a hospital or doctor

Tort reform, other laws place barriers in front of medical malpractice victims

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How to handle suspicious or made-up documents and testimony at deposition and in discovery

Texas optometrist produced a personal stash of notes the night before his deposition

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Retained surgical sponges and medical malpractice

Operating room personnel, radiologists may be at fault

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Closed claims show common allegations of neurosurgical medical malpractice

Poor surgical technique tops the list

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COVID-19 hasn't lowered health care standards of care

Pandemic legislation, response leaves standards intact

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Nurse staffing and shortage contribute to medical malpractice

Inadequate nurse staffing by many hospitals and facilities preceded COVID-19

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The risks of Texas plastic/cosmetic surgery tourism

Complications are more difficult to handle remotely

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