Medical Malpractice


Nursing patient abandonment under Texas law

Texas nurses have an independent duty to ensure patient safety

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How to file a VA Medical Center medical malpractice claim

Attorneys must be accredited by the VA to file claims on behalf of veterans

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Nurse practitioners have limited scope of practice in Texas

Advanced practice registered nurses should practice within their education, training and experience

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HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Center new leadership, quality of care issues

This hospital was formerly known as Park Plaza Hospital

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Should physician assistants handle spinal surgery consults

Trauma surgeon orders consult for paraplegia, PA responds to see patient instead of spine surgeon

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Bowel perforation is a known complication of laparoscopic abdominal surgery that must be diagnosed and repaired promptly

Houston's First Court of Appeals enters opinion allowing medical malpractice case to proceed

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The five largest hospital systems in Houston

Nonprofit and for-profit systems made the list

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Are medical malpractice settlements taxable?

It's important to consider tax issues before signing a settlement agreement

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What emergency room claims can be brought under Texas tort reform?

Tort reform closes the door on some, but not all, ER cases in the Lone Star state

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Esophageal perforation management and medical malpractice

Most of the time, a perforated esophagus is caused by a surgeon, physician or health care provider

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