Medical Malpractice


Closed claims show common bariatric/weight loss surgery medical malpractice trends

It's important to check out the surgeon and surgical facility before proceeding with bariatric surgery

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Lawsuit: Infant dies after nurse practitioner fails to tell family about spot that's suspicious for cancer

Delay in diagnosis and treatment allowed neuroblastoma to spread

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Boy's death highlights risks of dental sedation

Over half of pediatric dental anesthesia and sedation claims involve death or permanent brain injury

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Herpes simplex virus encephalitis treatment and medical malpractice

Amarillo Court of Appeals opinion discusses standard of care for HSVE diagnosis and treatment

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The most common medical malpractice claims against podiatrists

Surgical and post-operative issues top the list

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Wrong patient taken to kidney transplant surgery

Wrong patient, wrong site, wrong procedures are all sentinel events that should never happen

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Missing the expert report deadline is a sure-fire way for a plaintiff to lose a Texas medical malpractice case

Tort reform law imposes a rigid timeline

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Upper endoscopy preoxygenation, anesthesia and medical malpractice

New specialty face mask will improve patient safety

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New law changes Texas tort reform procedures in some cases involving hospitals, doctors and health care providers

Starting on 9/1/21, plaintiffs can use a new procedure to avoid one type of defensive gamesmanship

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Surgeons should take seriously patient complaints of pain after surgery

Abnormal pain can be the first sign of accidental damage to a nearby organ in the operating room

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