Medical Malpractice


Here's how the new Texas tort reform law will impact COVID medical malpractice

Senate Bill 6 was sent to the governor's desk on June 1, 2021

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What you should know about thrombocytopenia and medical malpractice

Platelet and clotting problems shouldn't be ignored

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Jury returns $7.6 million verdict in medical malpractice lawsuit over heart attack care

Patient was left alone, unmonitored and died with 30 minutes of arriving at the emergency room

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How labor and delivery nurses decide which moms need priority evaluation and care

Maternal Fetal Triage Index is a tool that help nursing staff identify the relative risk of patients

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The ins and outs of unavoidable healthcare injuries under Texas law

The failure to diagnose and treat an unavoidable injury may still be negligent

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How a pre-existing condition or frailty impacts a Texas medical malpractice case

The so-called eggshell skull rule applies to medical negligence

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Are surgeons different from physicians in Texas?

While surgeons are doctors, they function differently

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What's in a name? What you should know about the health care professionals who are treating you

Training and qualifications are less obvious than ever

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Respiratory therapy medical malpractice in Texas

Respiratory therapists care for intubated patients and those with cardiopulmonary conditions

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Falls during physical therapy can mean medical malpractice

It's a mistake to rush post-orthopedic surgery patients to physical therapy before it's safe

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