Medical Malpractice


Mom dies after childbirth, hospital under investigation

What you should know about maternal mortality

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Obstetric anesthesia pain relief and medical malpractice

Anesthesiologists and nurses anesthetists provide labor and deliver anesthesia care

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Respiratory therapist's notes shed light on why emergency room patient crashed

Laboratory data provided objective evidence in medical malpractice case

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Texas hospital hit with $40M+ verdict for allowing physician with license on probation to work at hospital

Plaintiff contended hospital bylaw violation led to serious injury

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Lawsuit alleges Houston oral surgeon caused nerve injury when pulling wisdom tooth

Lingual nerve injury left patient with numb tongue, loss of taste

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Jury awards $11 million to man who lost leg because of a botched IV line

IV infiltration or extravasation can cause serious injuries

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Lessons learned from dental malpractice cases: Risks and precautions when having wisdom teeth pulled

People over 25 years old have higher risk, require extra precautions

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Registered nurse criminally charged, alleged to have amputated patient's foot without order or consent

Treatments and surgeries require both an order and consent

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How Texas medical malpractice plaintiffs are paid for future medical expenses after winning at trial

Texas Supreme Court provides further guidance on how tort reform periodic payment law applies

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The secrets of resolving Texas emergency room medical malpractice cases

A special higher standard of proof applies to Texas ER case

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