Medical Malpractice


Delay in treatment is one of the top healthcare sentinel events of 2020

Delays in testing can lead to diagnostic and treatment errors

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Retained foreign bodies/surgical items are among top serious 2020 medical errors

Sponges, needles, and gauze are the most common surgical items negligently left behind in patients' bodies

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Wrong site, wrong person surgeries among top serious 2020 medical errors

One hospital recently admitted to surgically removing the wrong man's prostate gland

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A successful Texas medical malpractice case requires more than just a healthcare mistake

Plaintiffs must link the medical mistake to foreseeable harm with expert testimony

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Opioids, muscle relaxants increase fall risk

Some fall risk tools don't account for these factors, and can lead to nursing medical malpractice

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Hospital cost saving efforts can lead to early extubation, medical malpractice

Removing a breathing tube too quickly can lead to brain injury or death

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There are risks to stopping fetal monitoring before delivery

Baby is born with brain injury after no monitoring in operating room and no-rush C-Section delivery

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The unsupervised certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) model threatens patient safety

Wisconsin hospital fired all anesthesiologist physicians and replaced them with less trained, cheaper CRNAs

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Fetal intrauterine growth restriction diagnosis, treatment, and medical malpractice

Medical therapy, early delivery are often needed for this serious pre-birth condition

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Aortic dissection signs, symptoms, and medical malpractice

A tear or dissection of the aorta is a medical emergency

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