Medical Malpractice


Lawsuit: Texas optometrist misdiagnoses torn retina

Flashes and floaters in vision are signs of a potential medical emergency

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Fungal meningitis medical malpractice

A meningitis infection can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal sources

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What you should know about pharmacy and medication errors

Drug errors account for up to 9,000 deaths annually in the United States

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A "Dr." by any other name: New state law bans health care providers from using deceptive and misleading advertising

New Indiana law bans health care providers from using deceptive or misleading advertising that misrepresents their education, background, and skills

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When a known complication happens, it doesn't mean there wasn't also medical negligence

Surgeons, physicians, and nurses must take precautions to guard against known complications and risks

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Is it admissible in court when a doctor stops doing a procedure after committing medical negligence?

How the doctrine of subsequent remedial measures applies in Texas medical malpractice cases

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Hyponatremia, managing sodium levels, and medical malpractice

It is dangerous to correct a low sodium level too quickly

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The importance of sleep and sleep disorders in life and medical malpractice

Obstructive sleep apnea places patients at an increased risk of anesthesia-related complications

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Diagnosis, treatment, and medical malpractice involving pleural effusion

Excess fluid around a lung can cause breathing difficulty, worse if unrelieved

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Hospital parking lot and golf cart shuttle injuries in Texas

Most likely don't trigger pro-hospital tort reform protections

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