Medical Malpractice


Non-emergency medical transportation negligence and malpractice in Texas

Poor training and procedures can cause wrecks, accidents, and patient injuries

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The role of pre-existing conditions in Texas medical malpractice cases

Plaintiffs must address them, just not at the beginning of a case

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Responsible third parties and proportionate responsibility in Texas medical malpractice cases

Rules discourage last-minute defense gamesmanship

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Breast cancer misdiagnosis claim against Texas radiologist

Radiologist responds with unsuccessful attack on plaintiff's medical expert

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Proposed federal rule would improve patient access and cost for medical records

Before series of reforms, some hospitals charged patients thousands of dollars for copies of their own medical records

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Study explores new potential hemorrhagic stroke medical treatment

Hemorrhagic strokes are less understood than the more common ischemic strokes

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Who's responsible when medical malpractice leads to more medical malpractice?

Original tortfeasor doctrine

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Patients admitted after a fall and fracture have a higher risk for a second one

Broken hips among the elderly can severely impact lives

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Hemorrhaging and preeclampsia are two top causes of maternal deaths in pregnancy

Despite medical advances, the rates of preventable deaths and injuries of pregnant mothers are at concerning levels

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Criminal charges filed against plastic surgeon and nurse anesthetist over 5-hour delay in calling 911 after patient arrested

Certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) surrendered license after patient became unresponsive shortly after CRNA administered multiple anesthetic drugs

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