Medical Malpractice


The role of inferences in Texas medical malpractice expert reports

Some inferences are allowed, others aren't

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The educational role of home health and wound care nurses

Nurses are responsible for properly training patient and family caregivers and for supervising delegated care

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Four questions to ask when confronted with potential brain death

Some hospitals are quick and aggressive in requesting a do not resuscitate (DNR) order

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New anesthesiology guidelines address extubation readiness and risk

Timing is an important consideration for removing an endotracheal/breathing tube

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Defeating a defense medical malpractice summary judgment in Texas

Fort Worth Court of Appeals determines that plaintiff's case didn't meet the cut

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Texas medical malpractice plaintiffs are free to amend preliminary expert reports

Healthcare facility with missing medical records argues otherwise, though

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When it comes to patient clinical data, there are places to look other than just the medical records

Monitoring equipment may store data that aren't transferred to a patient's chart

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Houston court of appeals opinion gives roadmap for proving lost earnings in pediatric medical malpractice cases

Trial and appellate courts address sufficiency of the evidence to support a plaintiffs' jury verdict

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Houston court appeals addresses legally sufficient evidence in suicide medical malpractice case

Jury verdict for plaintiffs found that minor patient's death by suicide was caused by pediatric clinic's negligent care

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Who can issue a subpoena in Texas?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked questions (FAQ) series

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