Medical Malpractice


Case shows it's always important to investigate chest pain

Man dies because primary care provider didn't work up chest pain complaint

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The role of cord blood gas studies in proving birth-related brain injuries

Cord blood gas samples are collected after the umbilical cord is clamped at delivery

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Lessons learned from representing physicians who were victims of medical malpractice as patients

When doctors are patients and are injured by medical mistakes, it makes it easier to understand the broad scope of medical malpractice

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Abdominal pain and medical malpractice

Acute abdominal pain requires careful medical attention and a differential diagnosis

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Nursing communication should pack more punch than some may expect

Good nurses are the backbone of safe hospital care

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Hospital or nursing facility falls are almost always medical malpractice

Nursing staff is required to assess each patient's fall risk upon admission

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Sometimes financial motivations lead to scheduling surgeries in-office or at a surgery center

Not all arrangements are criminal

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Why the 75-day tolling possibility for Texas medical malpractice cases is almost always a bad idea

The 75-day tolling provision is probably the most appealed issue in current medical malpractice cases

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Two challenges for C-Section deliveries in Texas

Texas has the fourth highest rate of cesarean sections in America

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How to prove damages in a Texas medical malpractice cases

Life care plans are an important tool in many cases with significant lifelong injuries

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