Medical Malpractice


2021 National Patient Safety Goals revisit familiar areas

To reduce patient risks, hospital leaders must do more than check the box

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Study: An Apgar score of less than 10 comes with a greater risk of brain injury or death

An Apgar score in the range of 710 is typically considered normal or reassuring

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Surgical checklists reduce errors, save lives

South Carolina study links checklists to a 22% decrease in post-operative deaths

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Home health wound care medical malpractice

Some defendants try to shift blame to patients and family members

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Intraventricular hemorrhage and labor and delivery medical malpractice

Negligently delayed delivery is a recognized cause of intraventricular hemorrhage

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When comparing hospitals and doctors, there's a better way than relying on online reviews

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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Texas ophthalmologist fails to correct posterior capsule damage, vitreous leak during cataract surgery

Failing to remove leaked vitreous can cause cystoid macular edema

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Labor and delivery nurses and obstetricians share responsibility to avoid birth injuries

Delayed delivery can lead to newborn brain injuries

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What you should know about medical malpractice attorney's fees in Texas

Competent representation requires a greater time and financial investment than a routine personal injury case

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What it takes for an emergency room medical malpractice case to be viable in Texas

Tort reform laws raise the bar, but it's not always impassable

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