Medical Malpractice


Appellate inequity in judicial review of preliminary expert reports in Texas medical malpractice cases

Texas law allows immediate appellate review of trial court orders for defendants, but not plaintiffs

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What happens if a defendant dies before being served in a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit

Extra procedural steps are required to proceed with the claim

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Res ipsa loquitur in Texas medical malpractice cases

Some medical mistakes are so clear that juries can understand them without expert testimony

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Informed consent doesn't excuse medical malpractice

Improper informed consent doesn't excuse known complications, either

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Diabetic wound care, amputation, and medical malpractice

After decades of improvement, lower extremity amputations are on a rising trend

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Difficult airways require advance preparation by anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists

Anesthesia providers are required to assess and plan for each patient's airway before surgery

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Houston court of appeals: Ambulance wreck is a medical malpractice claim

Even plain vanilla motor vehicle collisions don't escape the draconian grip of Texas tort reform

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Accrediting agency encourages patients to "Speak Up for Safe Surgery"

The Joint Commission seeks to involve patients in improving their own surgical safety

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What you can learn from medical record audit trails

Audit trails should be programmed and preserved to promote transparency

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COVID-19 poses new challenges in bedsore prevention

Evolving standard of care requires physicians, nurses to take new measures to avoid pressure injuries

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