Medical Malpractice


Questions you should expect when filing a Texas medical malpractice case

Medical, mental health, and earnings questions are common

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The corporate practice of medicine doctrine and Texas medical malpractice cases

A pro-consumer law had morphed into a shield that protects hospitals from liability

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10-year study reveals most common causes of surgical medical malpractice

Surgery tops the list of all medical malpractice claims

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Experience teaches how to avoid common medical malpractice mistakes

These red flags will help you avoid potential dangers to patient safety

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Hyperparathyroid disease signs, symptoms, and medical malpractice

Experts describe it as a slow killer, but timely treatment can avoid a snowball effect on health

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A broken bone unrelated to trauma is the number one risk factor for another fracture

Surgeons and doctors should order follow up testing and treatment, but allow many patients to fall through the cracks

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What you should know about surgical and medical oncology cancer malpractice

Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis and treatment top the list of closed claims

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Why are medical experts for a medical malpractice case often from out of state?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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What you should know about injection injuries and compartment syndrome

Nursing advocacy saved a man's hand

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Insurance companies note more large medical malpractice verdicts

Trend affects even states with tort reform

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