Medical Malpractice


Sinusitis, sinus surgery, and medical malpractice

Sinus surgery malpractice is one of the top claims against ENT physicians

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Texas City nursing home under investigation for alleged abuse of patient

Ring device captured video of kicking, dragging patient on floor

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The importance of pre-existing conditions in Texas medical malpractice cases

Medical experts must distinguish injuries caused by negligence from pre-existing injuries

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Ovarian cancer awareness, early diagnosis, and medical malpractice

Catching it quickly and getting prompt treatment are critically important

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Protecting Texas medical malpractice settlements involving minors

Court approval and trusts help to preserve settlement proceeds until adulthood

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Sepsis awareness and medical malpractice

With early diagnosis and treatment, most patients survive sepsis

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Hospital communication failures lead to unnecessary medical mistakes

Testing, results, and follow-ups are areas of common problems

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Some Texas nonprofit hospitals benefit from little-known $100,000 non-economic damages cap

So-called nonprofit hospitals are some of the richest ones around

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Does signing a consent form mean you can't file a Texas medical malpractice case?

Informed consent never excuses medical negligence

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Errors in diagnosis cause around 80,000 deaths per year in the United States

Jumping to conclusions, skipping diagnostic steps contribute to fatal mistakes

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