Medical Malpractice


The role of sleep deprivation in medical malpractice

Studies: One hour of lost sleep makes significantly affects performance, mistakes

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Hospital no-visitor policies introduce new patient risks

There are some work-arounds that you can use to improve your safety as a patient

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Myth buster: A negative CT scan doesn't necessarily mean that you're not having a stroke

Misdiagnosis of an ischemic stroke often pushes patient outside a key treatment window

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What you should know when a Texas doctor or hospital talks about brain death

There are accepted steps that must be followed to reach this diagnosis

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Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding and medical malpractice

Large GI bleeds require careful management

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Three common types of cancer surgery medical malpractice

Surgical resection of a tumor is a precise process that needs confirmation by a pathologist

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Texas spine surgeon ignores textbook signs of cauda equina syndrome

Patient is left with permanent disabilities that could have easily been avoided

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It usually takes multiple errors to cause a medical malpractice injury

Hospital system errors involve multiple doctors, nurses, and other health care providers

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Basal cell carcinoma surgery operating room fire and medical malpractice

OR fires are never events that can be avoided with proper precautions

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Lumbar surgery mistakes, complications, and medical malpractice

In some cases, motor and sensory function can be restored if the surgeon and other providers act fast

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