Medical Malpractice


Annual checkups establish a baseline that can improve your patient safety

A baseline is a documented reference point that makes it easier to identify health changes

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Here's why it's hard to hire a good Texas medical malpractice lawyer at the last minute

Tort reform laws front-load the work necessary to succeed in a Texas medical malpractice case

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Ambulatory surgery centers struggle to balance profits with patient safety

Most total joint replacement surgeries will be done at outpatient surgery centers by 2026

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COVID-19's impact on medical malpractice cases

Spoiler: It's not what most people think

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Botched radiology reports, passive clinical doctors lead to errors in diagnosis

Radiology scans rarely completely rule out potential medical conditions

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Hospitalists, going through the motions, and medical malpractice

Hospitalist physicians are hospital-based doctors who are supposed to be the quarterbacks managing medical care

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Houston court appeals finds that slip and fall on rug in lobby of doctor's office isn't subject to tort reform

Recent cases have narrowed medical malpractice tort reform scope, once thought to be unlimited

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Near-miss medical mistakes versus medical malpractice in Texas

To prove a negligence case requires evidence of harm or injury

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Lawsuit alleges that El Paso hospital and doctor have financial arrangement that endangers patients

Hospital bizarrely granted hematologist-oncologist with pediatric critical care medical staff privileges, despite lack of training

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Texas trauma center capabilities and medical malpractice

Designated trauma centers must follow a higher standard of care but sometimes miss the mark

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