Medical Malpractice


Why is a proper pre-anesthesia evaluation so important?

A pre-anesthesia assessment protects patients from avoidable risks during general anesthesia and surgery

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Radiology follow through and medical malpractice

When radiologist recommendations are ignored by ordering physicians it may cause needless danger for patients

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New accreditation standards for preeclampsia management

Maternal high blood pressure during pregnancy can harm moms and babies

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New accreditation standards require better hospital preparation to handle maternal bleeding around childbirth

Maternal hemorrhaging rates have more than doubled in the past three decades

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Houston lawsuit: Informed consent, surgical time-out mishap leads to unwanted sterilization during planned C-Section surgery

Plaintiff alleges that paperwork was inconsistent and OR staff didn't notice because they didn't conduct a mandatory surgical time-out

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A matter of life and death: Triage and hospital emergency rooms

Triage nurses are supposed to put people with dangerous, unstable medical conditions at the head of the line, but it doesn't always happen

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Hospital, doctors fail to apply c-collar to car wreck patient, leading to quadriplegia

A c-collar protects the neck and cervical spine until a CT scan can be done to show whether there's a dangerous injury

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Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia diagnosis, treatment, and medical malpractice

Suspicion alone warrants stopping heparin therapy

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Some thoughts for plaintiffs getting ready for deposition in a Texas medical malpractice case

These tips will help plaintiffs give truthful, credible deposition testimony

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Houston Court of Appeals rules that medical spa negligence claim isn't subject to medical malpractice tort reform requirements

Key fact was that there was no doctor-patient relationship

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