Medical Malpractice


Patient falls at nursing home, causing brain bleeding, death

Patient had history of falls at nursing home and medical record identified him as high fall risk

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The roles of the guardian ad litem and structured settlement in a Texas medical malpractice case involving a minor

After a case involving a minor settles, there's some additional work to be done before funding

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Hospital sodium management, central pontine myelinolysis, and brain injury

When doctors and nurses correct a low sodium levels too quickly, it can cause a permanent brain injury or death

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Low sodium levels in the blood after surgery can be dangerous

The sodium-fluid balance is sensitive and can cause brain damage if mismanaged after surgery

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Esthetician laser treatment in doctor's office burns patient's face

Lawsuit alleges poor training, absent supervision

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Diabetes types, treatments, and medical malpractice

Diabetes is dangerous without standard of care treatment

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What you should know about future medical bills and Texas medical malpractice

Damages for future medical expenses may be a significant issue at mediation and in court

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Meningococcemia signs, symptoms, and medical malpractice

Meningococcemia is a blood infection caused by the same bacteria that causes bacterial meningitis

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Taxable court costs in a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit

Asking for taxable court costs may add a little extra to top off a settlement offer

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Failure to treat hydronephrosis leads to permanent kidney damage

Internists must consult a urologist to treat this serious condition

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