Medical Malpractice


Podiatrists, wound care, and medical malpractice

Podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons treat foot and ankle conditions

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Houston court of appeals opinion contains roadmap to prove hospital-acquired infection medical malpractice

Infections caught during healthcare number 1.7 million each year in the U.S., with 99,000 associated deaths

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Texas Medical Board issues order against Tomball and Kingwood orthopedic surgeon Michael Blackwell, MD

Dr. Blackwell has been the subject of five separate Texas Medical Board disciplinary matters since 2008

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Premature discharge from hospital leads to pregnant woman's death from placental abruption

Lawsuit alleges that nursing advocacy could have avoided transfer of unstable patient

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Texas DNR orders: Mechanics, abuse, and medical malpractice

Do not resuscitate orders can be slipped into a medical record to cover up medical malpractice

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How to prove mental anguish and pain and suffering in Texas medical malpractice cases

Non-economic damages are subject to statutory caps, but also need advance planning to prove

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Pediatric intensive care unit medical malpractice

PICU care generally requires continuous monitoring by registered nurses and immediate physician notification where there's a negative change

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Medication error temporarily paralyzes Houston patient, causes brain injury

A student nurse administered a paralyzing medication instead of a sedative by mistake

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Hospital administration, nursing supervisor negligence can cause patient injuries

Texas law requires support of an expert witness for these health care liability claims to proceed

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Are hospitals responsible for the medical malpractice of doctors under Texas law?

Texas law treats physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers differently

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