Medical Malpractice


Subdural hematoma misdiagnosis in ER leads to aneurysm, brain injury

Doctor, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, and registering nurse negligence contribute to tragic outcome

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Never events, wrong-side surgery, and medical malpractice

Sentinel events occur more often than many healthcare providers would care to admit

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The tort reform discovery stay can delay Texas medical malpractice cases

Defense delay tactics include making frivolous objections to expert reports while enforcing a discovery stay

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This simple bedside test can help diagnose sepsis

Point-of-care lactate testing is an effective screening tool for patients suspected of having sepsis

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Sodium, porphyria, and medical malpractice

After multiple physician appointments, an ER doctor made the right diagnosis

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Texas ambulance and emergency medical technician (EMT) roles and medical malpractice

EMT decisions and comments can set emergency treatment on the right or wrong course

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The challenges of diagnosing a spinal epidural abscess

This somewhat rare condition is dangerous and baffles some rushed doctors

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Emergency room medical malpractice after a car wreck

Misdiagnosis after a motor vehicle accident is an avoidable risk of ER care

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Nurses are more than the eyes and ears of doctors

Nurses are trained health care professionals that owe independent duties to their patients

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Insurance companies steer patients to freestanding imaging centers, but are they safe?

Freestanding imaging facilities are less expensive than hospitals, but aren't as prepared to deal with anaphylactic emergencies

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