Medical Malpractice


Sometimes a post-operative infection involves medical malpractice

In most cases, timing of diagnosis and treatment is the key

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Surveillance video evidence in medical malpractice cases

Plaintiffs have to act fast before videos are deleted or recorded over

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One state's investigation finds CVS errors in 20% of prescriptions

Pharmacist counseling is a safety net available to patients

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The potential role of race in stroke care for Black patients

African Americas have a higher risk of stroke, but are given tPA medical therapy less often

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Medication mix-up causes death of shoulder surgery patient

Unlabeled syringes and medications endanger patient safety

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Jury awards $18 million verdict against nurse practitioner in breast cancer misdiagnosis case

Woman in her 20s complained of lump, but nurse practitioner didn't order diagnostic imaging

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Questions to ask on whether ambulatory surgery center is appropriate for a patient

Anesthesia evaluation has a major role in patient safety

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New study highlights the risks of hospital care

Many adverse events happen and many of those are avoidable

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Chest, pain angina, heart attack diagnosis and medical malpractice

Prompt diagnosis, testing, monitoring, and intervention are important

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Understanding how damages caps work in Texas medical malpractice cases

Some caps apply to all damages, others don't

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