Medical Malpractice


New melanoma surgery guidelines may help reduce medical malpractice

Cutting too much or too little around the melanoma tumor causes problems, new guidelines should help surgeons get it just right

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What you should know about pediatric medical malpractice in hospitals

There may be a different standard of care between children's and general hospitals, but pediatric medical malpractice happens at both

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Cataract surgery and medical malpractice

Common ophthalmology medical malpractice includes not promptly treating surgical complications

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What you should know about the four most common medication errors

Orders, drug administration top the list

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Yes, some ER medical malpractice cases are still possible under Texas tort reform laws

Potential emergency room cases require extra attention by an experienced Texas medical malpractice lawyer

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Social media sheds light on nursing home abuse and neglect that's always been just below the surface

Texas nursing homes rank at the bottom of national studies assessing quality of care

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Federal lawsuit alleges Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine doctors cause infant brain injury

45-minute delay in proper response to respiratory crisis

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New federal lawsuit against Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital and obstetrician over alleged late delivery of twins

Twin was born with brain injury after mom in high-risk pregnancy waited four hours at hospital for a C-section delivery

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Early hospital discharge of newborns creates unnecessary risks

Medical studies find that a good discharge time is 48 hours after birth

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Breast injury, necrosis surgical malpractice

Breast procedures can lead to tissue and nipple death when doctors and nurses don't take proper precautions

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