Medical Malpractice


Can I record a conversation in Texas with a doctor or someone from hospital administration?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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Coronavirus sheds light on chronic nursing home problems

Nursing home staffing quality of care is always an issue

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Neck pain after trauma, or with other symptoms, can mean there's a serious medical problem

Sometimes it's more than just a "pain in the neck"

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Past medical bills are important in a Texas medical malpractice case

Under a new law, collecting past medical bills must be done early in the case

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Why time is important for a Texas medical malpractice case

There's a lot of work to do before filing a medical malpractice case, so now is the best time to hire an experienced lawyer

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What happens when labor and delivery contractions are too close together

Nurses and doctors must into action when there's uterine tachysystole

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Closed-loop communication prevents critical lab, radiology results from going unnoticed

Up to 62% of lab work and 35% of radiology studies lack any follow up

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Bungled MRI, communication leads to man's permanent paralysis

Neurologist, pulmonologist, and hospital staff contribute to system failure

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Neonatologists, NICUs and medical malpractice

Neonatologists are responsible for caring for hospitalized critically-ill babies during their 28 days of life

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Doctor's failure to communicate caused emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy

Communication errors create danger by allowing critical lab values, radiology results to fall through the cracks

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