Medical Malpractice


Artificial intelligence may enhance radiology interpretation

Human and machine read scans will complement each other, improving patient safety

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Two dreaded things that can happen during laparoscopic surgery

Some injuries that happen during surgery aren't immediately discovered

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Some Texas emergency room medical malpractice cases are still possible, despite tort reform

There are four factors to consider in every ER malpractice case

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What you should know about spinal epidural abscess and medical malpractice

Spotting the signs and symptoms and getting prompt treatment are keys to preserving neurological function

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The three most common types of plastic surgery medical malpractice claims

Plastic/cosmetic surgery malpractice can cause disfigurement, nerve injury, and even death

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Texas nurse practitioners and physician's assistants must be supervised by a doctor

When they aren't supervised, it sometimes spells trouble for patient safety

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What you should know about starting and stopping intubation and a ventilator

It's dangerous to extubate and stop the ventilator before a patient is ready to breathe independently

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HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball gets lowest-possible one-star rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The former Tomball Regional Medical Center is one of only 228 hospitals nationwide to receive a one-star rating

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Being discharged too early from the hospital can be medical malpractice

It's premature to discharge a patient when doing so will likely lead to a material decline in health

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Is rationing health care medical malpractice?

The standard of care varies depending on the circumstances

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