Medical Malpractice


Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction medical malpractice

This alternative liposuction procedure has some serious risks

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Vascular surgery, diseases, and medical malpractice

Vascular surgeons diagnose, treat, and manage diseases of veins and arteries

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Texas medical malpractice statute of limitations during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Sooner rather than later is safer when it comes to the Texas statute of limitations

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Are slip and fall injuries considered medical malpractice if they happen in a Texas hospital?

A new Houston Court of Appeals shows the risk of trying to get around legal requirements imposed by tort reform laws

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Arrhythmia risk, treatment, and medical malpractice

Around 800,000 people a year are hospitalized because of arrhythmias

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Minor and structured settlements in Texas medical malpractice cases

Solid settlement planning can preserve governmental benefits and avoid taxes on payouts

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The questions you should ask before getting a CT or MRI scan at a stand-alone imaging center

Some imaging facilities don't enough safety measures in place to handle life-threatening complications of contrast media

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Lumbar punctures, spinal taps, and medical malpractice

Procedure allows sampling cerebrospinal fluid for laboratory diagnosis of serious conditions

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Urology, urinary tract diseases and conditions, and medical malpractice

Urologists are medical specialists who diagnose and treat urinary tract conditions

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Ophthalmology, eyes diseases, and medical malpractice

Ophthalmologists are medical specialists in diagnosing and treat diseases and conditions of the eyes

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