Medical Malpractice


Houston appellate court finds that safety claim against Texas hospital isn't limited by tort reform

All medical malpractice and most other claims against hospitals and doctors require medical expert reports, but there are some exceptions

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Medical device failure can cause brain injury

Faulty products, poor surgeon training are often both at play

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What you should know about orthopedic surgery medical malpractice claims

Orthopedic surgery ranks #2 in the number of medical malpractice claims

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Nursing home patient dies from bone-deep bedsores, urinary tract infection, and sepsis

In our experience, most nursing home death cases involve poor staffing levels

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Delayed treatment of hydrocephalus and increased intracranial pressure is dangerous and deadly

The skull has limited space to accommodate swelling or excess cerebrospinal fluid

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Study uncovers the most common types of surgical medical malpractice

General surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery specialties top the list

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Surgeons & operating room nurses shouldn't leave surgical items inside patients after a procedure

These so-called never events happen more often than you'd think

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The three most common types of anesthesiology medical malpractice in Texas

Bungled anesthesia care can mean the difference between life and death

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Texas Supreme Court releases two anti-plaintiff medical malpractice opinions in one day

There are lots of hurdles to jump to pursue a successful medical malpractice/healthcare liability claim in Texas

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What you should know about home health nursing and malpractice

Online companies sell "start your own home health agency" turnkey documents that leave patient safety to fall through the cracks

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