Medical Malpractice


FAQ: When does a medical mistake amount to medical malpractice in Texas?

It takes more than a mistake to amount to medical negligence

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How the discovery rule works for Texas medical malpractice cases

Allows extension of the statute of limitations in some circumstances

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3 reasons you may not want to wait and see what happens after a surgical complication

Time may heal, but it may also take options off the table

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Texas medical malpractice expert reports: Almost right isn't good enough

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys know the demands of strict Texas laws

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Dallas $10+ million verdict shows that Texas tort reform didn't make all emergency room cases impossible

Woman in her 70s left paraplegic

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LASIK, eye surgery risks and medical malpractice

FDA considers new written warning requirement for LASIK patients

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Federal inspectors find multiple facilities with no nurses on site for extending periods of time

When hospitals and nursing homes have poor levels of nurse staffing, it needlessly endangers patients

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Wrongful death medical malpractice claims are different in Texas

Who's eligible to file the lawsuit and two different caps are among the special considerations

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How to pick the right Texas attorney for your HIE or birth injury medical malpractice case

Many Texas personal injury lawyers lack medical malpractice experience

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Texas Supreme Court addresses how medical malpractice future health care expenses are paid

Trial courts can order lump sum or periodic payments based on evidence

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