Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit: Routine CT scan with contrast ends in death at Gateway Diagnostic Imaging, LLC d/b/a Gateway Diagnostic Mid-Cities

Outpatient imaging facilities, like Gateway, must be prepared for anaphylactic reactions to CT contrast media

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How do you decide the county where a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit should be filed?

Painter Law Firm's frequently asked question (FAQ) series

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How does comparative negligence work in a Texas medical malpractice trial?

Sometimes a defendant tries to blame the patient for the bad outcome

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Bariatric weight loss surgery malnutrition can cause brain damage, Wernicke’s encephalopathy

Surgeons and physicians should beware of the potential for devastating thiamine/Vitamin B1 deficiency in bariatric patients

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Study: Stomach cancer rate is on the rise and affecting younger people

Learn the signs and symptoms of stomach/gastric cancer that everyone should know

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2020 National Patient Safety Goals highlight ongoing problems in hospital care

Identifying the correct patient and surgical site, and prompt communications top The Joint Commission's annual list

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When not timely treated, sepsis can cause long-term brain problems

Sepsis associated encephalopathy is a dangerous condition that can cause coma, behavior changes, and motor problems

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It's dangerous for doctors and nurses to ignore a patient's sudden change in behavior

Altered mental status is often the first sign of a serious problem

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Primary care doctor, pharmacy medication error leaves patient with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Simple precautions could have avoided this painful outcome

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Nuedexta prescription errors, falls, and medical malpractice

Most prescriptions for Nuedexta are for non-FDA approved uses in elderly patients who live in nursing homes

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